The heart shape has been used in various artwork for more than two thousand years. These early depictions were botanically inspired - for example,  the heart shaped leaves of the peepal tree (sacred fig tree). But the heart as a symbol of love didn't arise until the Middle Ages. 

Early illustrations for romantic love back then showed either a pear or a pine cone shape with the narrow part pointing upwards. Although theories abound, no one knows exactly how the symbol eventually evolved to the distinctive shape we know today. 

The Danish Heart Book - a heart shaped manuscript of love ballads from the 1550s

Since February is heart month, here are my picks for beaded heart jewelry tutorials in time for Valentine's Day. Or perhaps even Mother's Day which is still months away. You have plenty of time!

First up and shown at the top, is a gorgeous asymmetrical beaded heart pendant tutorial by Martina of mariposa8000.  A wonderful innovative use of a tear drop crystal. I have featured her unusual bead work before

Another clever encapsulated crystal heart earrings design is by EzartesaJewelry

Iulia Postica of Beaded Treasury has a clever beaded heart earrings tutorial where the hearts are made with Dropduos! I have featured Iulia's work before.

I've seen some pretty single bead layer beaded hearts but this one by Leslie of Seed Bead Bliss  is my favorite.



Leslie also has a lovely beaded heart pin tutorial.


This puffy beaded heart ring by Aleshia of Beadifulnights is unusual. Love its open design.


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