You've probably stumbled upon thep00lguy ML's satisfying video on how he transforms filthy pools back into backyard oases?  Well, professional jeweler, Anwar Al-Sanabani's videos, recently took TikTok by storm for the jewelry cleaning equivalent of cleaning pools! 

This particular TikTok of a pave ring cleaning session garnered over 10 million views. 


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See more on his TikTok channel

His Youtube channel shows his full cleaning process for this gold and diamond ring

Anwar explains :

Starting by first, the ring goes through three steps of polishing: the gray polish to remove any scratches, the green polish removes the dullness from the gray polish and gives the ring its first shine, and then the red polish applies the final shining code to the ring. Second, mixing the Ultrasonic liquid, or as I call it "The Forbidden Gatorade,” with water to get it ready for use. Third, is the Ultrasonic cleaning (In this step the Ultrasonic machine send high frequency sound waves removing any dirt, dead skin, dust, and the polishing materials from the previous step). Finally, is the steaming process (The steamer removes any leftover polish material and clean between the stones).
It is the polish pastes which are actually the "gunk" seen being sonicated out of the crevices of the ring.  If you own and use an ultrasonic cleaner, you will know cleaning your jewelry is nowhere as dramatic as his TikTok videos as you are just removing the usual grime. 

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