I've featured French beading artists before for their spectacular beaded home decor designs.  But a Chiang Mai based Thai crochet flower artist called Patty - her real name is Kanyarat - recently blew my mind with her amazing flower crochet tutorials and patterns. 

It was so hard trying to select just a few of her tutorial designs from her shop HappyPattyCrochet for this feature.  Her close crochet work as well as her incredible mimicry of so many floral species, especially roses, is a treat for nature lovers and gardeners alike.  

I stumbled upon Patty's work when I first spotted her small crochet flower hoop earrings.  She offers many small floral design patterns which can be used in jewelry designs as well as in hair accessories.  Some of her larger flowers can also be used for brooches and perhaps bridal bouquets. Her potted flowering plant selection is a delight. 

Patty explained on her website how she got "hooked" on crochet. She first tried crocheting at the tender age of 8 using improvised twigs.  

She added, "When I grew up I had to occasionally take small breaks from crochet – and I’ve picked up Thai traditional Fruit Carving, which first made me really appreciate the delicate details of flowers and fall in love with roses."

She returned to crochet with a vengeance.  Her yarn collection grew to a point that she began selling her flowers on Etsy. Offering her design tutorials didn't come until much later as she wasn't aware that was a possibility.  

So luckily for us, she has and hopes to continue coming up with new flower designs.  Meanwhile take a walk in Patty's wonderful crochet flower garden!


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