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Swirly Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry Tutorials by KellyJonesJewellery

British wire artist Kelly Jones of KellyJonesJewellery creates one of a kind wire wrapped jewelry designs. She uses a lot of swirls to help capture the gemstones she uses.  All her designs look particularly lovely especially when she uses patina on copper.

She offers both finished designs as well as detailed tutorials for those who want to learn from her. Shown here are my favorites from her tutorial section.  

One thing I noticed is her ability to link more than one gemstone in her wire wrapping. You will know that it is not that easy if you've ever tried this before on your own!

Kelly also teaches on her Youtube channel

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  1. I am bad at wire wrapping (not enough practice) but looking for more ways to use donuts (I seem to have accumulated a lot of them). This is one idea I hadn't considered yet but will have to now!

    1. Yes, wire wrapping is the way to go with gemstone donuts! Makes them really pop! Kelly's swirly designs are particularly good.

  2. oh my, that tree-of-life is beautiful! and, i love the earrings too.
    I was an orthodontic assistant (before having kids) and learned so many things about bending wire, i may just have to add one of these projects to my to-do list!

  3. Agree with Sneaky Burrito -- I'm always on the lookout for ways to wrap donuts, of which I now have about 20 sitting here looking at me. Love Kelly Jones work and tutorials. Thanks, Pearl!

  4. Kelly Jones is one of my favorites (and she’s a doll!). I’m so glad you featured her.

  5. I was fortunate enough to find Kelly's channel as I started to learn how to wire wrap. I love listening to her, and she makes all her beautiful designs seem very possible, no matter how new you are to wire weaving.

  6. Kelly Jones is a great wire artist and a generous one, too as she shares many free tutorials!

  7. aww thanks everyone, how lovely. And thank you for the write up 🌹

  8. This work is exquisite. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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