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2 Quilt Inspired Polymer Clay Jewelry Accessories and Home Decor by FlowertownOriginals

We find inspiration from all sorts of places. One artisan who found hers from another craft is South Carolinian, Kathy of FlowertownOriginals.  Her colorful polymer clay jewelry, accessories and home decor are like miniature quilts!

She uses her work to cover pens, containers, even crochet hooks and quilt pins. Her little squares also adorn salt and pepper shakers! You may have seen her cane work before as she has been featured on a number of magazines and blogs. 

Her love of color is evident as you can see from her store as well as on her lovely Instagram!

Kathy explained : 

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been drawn to all things colorful. From crayons and markers to seed beads and embroidery floss. Colors make me happy! I still love the things from my childhood but I find myself now working most often with polymer clay. Kathy has more pictures including process ones on her Instagram!

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  1. Wow! Kathy's work is beautiful! Her canes are amazing and I love her quilt theme inventory!
    Good find Pearl!

  2. now that's a unique way to "quilt"! what amazing detail, and i thought beads were tiny to work with!

    1. Her talent for making such small precision canes is amazing!

  3. These are a delight for the eyes! How clever to mimic quilt patterns in jewelry and other items with clay.


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