There are complex polymer clay canes and then, there are those by Meg Newberg of PolymerClayWorkshop!  She only sells polymer clay tutorials. She teaches other polymer clay enthusiasts how to make canes which are inspired by gemstones and other crafts.

My favorite has to be her gemstone polymer clay cane tutorial shown above and below. She really captured the jewel facets in her kaleidoscope cane with a difference!

She has an uncanny ability to come up with innovative techniques for cane building. The string art and lace ones blew my mind!
This Arizona based polymer clay artist is just brimming with ideas for clay canes like for this cut glass polymer clay cane tutorial :

This tutorial is for a cane which resembles quilled paper!

Meg has different "quilt" patterns for this tutorial :

Kilim rug polymer clay canes with this tutorial :

Indigo Shibori tie dye polymer clay cane tutorial :

 Polymer clay lace cane tutorial

Ceramic tile inspired polymer clay cane tutorial :

Mandala polymer clay cane tutorial :

Whatever will Meg think of next?

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