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Amazing Polymer Clay Canes by IKandiClay

Some people like making polymer clay canes. Others not so much. That is because it is extremely time consuming to build up complex patterns.  Omaha, Nebraska polymer clay artist, Ivy Niles, is a whiz at making polymer canes.  Her shop IKandiClay showcases her amazing designs.  She has legions of fans who clearly love to use them in their own polymer clay creations.

Ivy specializes in kaleidoscope designs as well as simpler (relatively!) ones either individually or in sets. Her Kato and Premo clay work is so colorful and fun!  I had a hard time picking a selection to feature.

Ivy explains the labor intensive process behind her kaleidoscope canes, "As you can see, it starts out very large. The larger I begin, the more details I can add, and the more precise I can be with reduction. I'm often asked how big my kaleidoscope canes start out, and how long they take. This varies quite a bit, but on average they start out with about 5-7 pounds of clay, and take a total of 20-30 hours to make, from conditioning the clay to reducing the final design."  That is a mind boggling amount of clay!

She also has one tutorial - this strawberry and leaf one if you are willing to have a go!

Ivy is also on Facebook.

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  1. She really makes the clay come alive.

  2. Looking through her store - that's simply an amazing amount of clay and work!

    I can see that this would be quite a lucrative business. Good for her for finding her niche and making it work. I simply haven't got the inclination to cane nor the time.

    1. That is why she is so popular - many people just don't have the time or inclination but appreciate using her canes in their work.

  3. Is this for real?! Look at that sea horse, not that the other examples are less complicated! What a talent!


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