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Bead Crochet Easter Egg Tutorials by TheBeadLoomGallery

Remember Olga of TheBeadLoomGallery?  I featured this talented Washington based designer's  awesome and versatile bead crochet ball tutorials before.  Well, she has a number of lovely bead crochet Easter egg tutorials too! 

I've picked my favorites from her collection. There are several kinds of patterns which allow for custom color palettes.  The pattern like the one above is so elegant - it reminds me a little of the Russian Imperial eggs!  Several in a bowl will look wonderful as Easter decor. 

Please note these tutorials are not for beginners. You do need to be familiar with bead crochet.  

Not into bead crochet? Be sure to check out Olga's other patterns. For example she has a delightful square stitch beaded thimble tutorial (shown at the end).

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  1. I do not do bead crochet but was interested in some of her other patterns until I read in her descriptions that she has very strict requirements that you cannot sell anything made from some of the patterns or that you have to buy a pattern for every two items that you want to sell. No longer interested in buying anything from this person.

  2. these are beautiful! such detail. they remind me of Faberge eggs too, the "peasant" version. :)

  3. Never. In a million years. I can bead and I can crochet, but I cannot even imagine doing that. They are absolutely beautiful, however. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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