Well!  I didn't cotton on to the fact you could use beaded balls not only as Christmas ornaments but as pin cushions, pomander balls or even as sound meditation balls!  Depends on what you put inside them.

Washington based Olga of thebeadloomgallery has a fantastic collection of bead crochet ball tutorials and patterns to suit every taste!

She said : 
 Fill it with a Ping-Pong ball, a sound meditation ball, or anything you want! Make it into a pincushion, Christmas ornament, or fill it with lavender to make a scented Beadaball. You can even leave a secret note or treasure inside. Be creative and enjoy it!
Please note these tutorials are not for beginners. You need to be experienced with bead crochet before you try these out.  See the first link below which shows a good way to learn how to start off bead crochet.

Before You Go:

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