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Whimsical Copper Framed Glass and Acrylic Jewelry by TitowaJewelry

Don't you just love stained glass designs?  Ukrainian artist, Kate Titowa of TitowaJewelry creates her pieces, often in a whimsical fashion, and more unusually with copper wire frames.  Coupled with glass or acrylic, her creations are both vibrant and whimsical. 

Some of my favorites include her balloon brooches and earrings.  One is definitely inspired by Disney Pixar's movie UPHer creature designs are adorable. Her Frida Kahlo brooches shown above are some of the finest interpretations I have seen. 

Wonderful and inspirational!

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  1. Incredible jewelry and even more incredible prices. These pieces are so unique. Thanks for showing us these.

  2. I just had to go to her shop - and oh my!
    Just her first words - Hello my dear! she had me right there!
    Scrolling through I've fallen in love with so many of her pieces - the airplane, the fish on skates, the lingerie necklace....her party crown, lamp hairsticks, and her face earrings....all of them are exquisite and so unique. I can imagine that each one takes a lot of work for the little amount she's charging for each piece! Oh my....

  3. Love these, very clever and whimsical, indeed!

  4. Amazing how she can go from whimsical to sophisticated earrings! She is truly talented.

  5. I do love whimsy! and color! beautiful work, thank you for sharing.


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