Reader and friend, Aims of BigBlueBarnDesigns sent me Sacra Argilla's  amazing portrait polymer cane tutorial.  This Polish artist's youtube channel shows how she makes her renaissance painting inspired jewelry. 

I've covered this type of huge build before for kaleidoscopic and other intricate polymer canes (see links below). But what she does has no symmetry. She is literally painting with polymer clay.  She has a fantastic eye for color subtleties and most likely has direct painting experience.

The first part of building the cane itself took her 72 hours! Strip by strip, all with different shades of color! (I skipped along the videos to get a gist of the steps, and so can you!)

She spent another 63 hours with building up the cane to a much larger one.  That is a total of 135 hours!!

Here, she shows how she uses a kitchen knife to slice a piece out of her large cane.  When baked, that could make a wonderful wall art piece.

She uses a professional cutter here to create what I think are wonderful coaster sized pieces.

Here is how she reduces the cane even further into jewelry size pieces. This entire process is accomplished by hand and took her 3 hours and 30 mins. All that while, she has to do it without distorting the portrait. At the 4:44 min mark, she slices open and checks the inside of the cane. 

As you can see from her Instagram, she finishes the small pieces with glazing and can get down to ring size portraits!

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