Maria Fomich is a wonderful New Orleans metal work artist. I featured her New Orleans shotgun house bracelet before.  But I did not know until recently she has a second store, yabbetasupadont, which focuses on stamped and riveted pet tags as well as novel bike reflectors with metal decorations. The former could also be used as key chain charms.

Her designs are gorgeous. She layers different metal types for a striking look. There is nothing wrong with all silver tone designs but the use of copper and brass with the aluminum just makes the designs unique. 

Maria does have a quirky sense of humor.  Any pet owner can identify with the dollar sign pet tag especially after a vet clinic visit!  

Or that some small pets might have a passing resemblance to "baby Yoda" - a reference to the Yoda-like species featured in Disney's The Mandolorian, a side shoot of the Star Wars movies. 

Maria also offers a number of pop culture designs.  Her designs are popular and one suspects not only pets would be wearing some of them!  I can see many designs as great pendants.

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