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TracyArtes' Wire Wrapping Jewelry Tutorials has an Unusual Flair

Brazilian wire artist, Guilherme (William in Portuguese) of TracyArtes designs jewelry tutorials with an unusual flair.  We do not see some of the elements he uses in most wire wrapped designs. None of his pieces are soldered in any way.

He uses very thick twisted wire in some pieces. In others, he has elements which remind one of Mayan or Greek keys like this detail below :

His tutorials are for intermediate to advanced wire workers.  His instructions are detailed with more than one PDF.  One of my favorites is his hamsa (hand amulet) which shows off wire filigree work but with no soldering involved.

Guilherme explained :
I do not speak fluent English very well, but I tried to do the translation as best as possible, improving and revising, making it more accessible and understandable, so that your learning has tranquility and fun at the time of its creation.
He can answer any questions through his email (see any of his listings) or through his Facebook page. Guilherme also mentioned that the photography and editing for his tutorials are the work of his wife, Fabiane Cristiene.

Fun Fact : Why do Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish?

In 1494, the Pope brokered the Treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal to divide the world as these countries raced to colonize new lands. This was to avoid war. Spain could then go after what was west of the purple line below. Portugal realized they were going to get mostly Atlantic Ocean so they renegotiated later and the line was moved (dotted purple to solid purple) so they could claim what is now Brazil as well as the Azores. 

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  1. OMG! William's work is stunning! I love his shapes! I'll probably never get into wire wrapping like this but I sure can appreciate the amount of work that goes into making these beauties!

  2. I'm so jealous. I can't do wire work of any kind, much less to the quality of his work. I also wish that he sold some of the jewelry. I can see that ring on my finger.

  3. His work is ‘drop dead’ gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it before. Having a little experience with soldering silver; I would have argued that his work is soldered. Magnificent! Just Magnificent!!!

  4. wow, a whole 'nother level of wire-wrapping! I was reminded of Mayan designs also. I find it soothing to look at the designs, following the wires with my eye; such consistency!

  5. These are the product of a masterful artist. I love how he combines twisted and flat wire. The Mayan pieces are breathtaking.


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