Bead embroidery can be a beautiful artform as you can see from the gorgeous collection of handmade purses and bags by Russian designer Olga, of DragonLoverArt

Olga is inspired by nature and her love for fantasy creatures. Her designs are exquisite as is her interior finishing touches.  Her creative use of beads and attention to detail can be seen not just in the main designs but in the background. 

The closeup of her highly textured Japanese fish bag shows different sizes of beads in the background masquerading as bubbles.  I also love how she combined beads with regular embroidery for the Queen Anne's lace wildflowers complimenting her butterfly purse. 

Olga explained a little about herself  :

I am an architect, artist-designer and I like my job. In my free time I enjoy being outside, riding my bike in the local forest in any weather. Also I go hiking, trekking and kayaking. Besides I am keen on travelling, because it’s a way to forget the hustle and bustle, to think more of the world in general and your place in it. Actually, I love art and I do a lot of pictures,handmade works all my life. I sew clothes. Also I often make little figures of dragons and other fantasy creatures.

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