Long time reader of this blog, Sheila Willert, was the lucky winner of the Little Windows' resin jewelry making supplies giveaway a while back.  She was so thrilled to win. 

Sheila said in an email to Fran of Little Windows and me : 
Such quality. I love Little Windows. I scored a lot of fun materials and I have been creating with them. I purchased a mold, a doming tray, black resin and some beautiful dicro-ish material. 
We were both delighted with the photos she shared with.  Sheila kindly let me share my favorites from the many photos she sent.  

She added that sharing is a way of giving back!

Sheila has been following all my tutorials and tips on real flower resin jewelry making. So she was inspired to design her own. 

Aren't her dried leaf resin cabochons stunning?  The black and white backgrounds just make the botanical materials pop. These look like the molds from Little Windows. (Get 15% off by using BG1516 as the discount code)

I also love her donuts!  You can get donut silicone molds in different sizes. These are typically used for cooking purposes.

Sheila also brilliantly solved the problem of many leaves being too large for jewelry making.

She uses 1 inch leaf paper punches!  There are many leaf shapes to choose from. 

She punches out the shapes from real leaves before she dries them quickly in the microwave. She uses the Microfleur microwave flower press which I mentioned before in previous tutorials (see my tutorial links below).  She stores the pressed and dried leaves in an airtight container until she is ready to use them.

Her real leaf resin and real flower donuts will look fabulous as pendant focals. You can check out my easy fishing knot tutorials for donuts here

Sheila clearly had beadwork in mind when she made her cabochons. Shown here are two of her designs. They will make really unique focals for beaded necklaces. 

I hope her work will inspire some of you to do more than gardening in the coming months.  One reader recently confessed in an email how much she is looking forward to dandelion season!

Thanks again Sheila for your wonderful inspirations!  

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