The ancient art of porcelain enamel has been around for more than two thousand years. Powdered glass is fused at high temperatures onto a metal foundation resulting in a very durable vitreous coating. 

The Hong Kong based artisans at SANTUZZAJEWELRY are masters at this artform.  Their gorgeous enamel designs are often nature inspired. 

Their designs are created using the lost wax casting method which allows for multiple castings from the original mold.  Sterling silver is used.  Some of their pieces are also gold plated.  You can see their production process in the video below.  

They also have kept the cost down with the use of cubic zirconia, an excellent diamond simulant instead of real diamonds.  In doing so, they have achieved the look of luxury jewelry without the cost! Having said that, their prices are incredibly competitive given the high quality of the work. 

New designs are uploaded to their store every month. 

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