We think ourselves as hoarders but I just discovered one designer who has done it on a massive scale! Michiel Alexander Ansingh is a jewelry designer with a large 200- square metre warehouse full of unique and vintage stones, crystals, components and finished jewelry in Amsterdam.  He uses the word "stones" to cover all sorts of crystals and cabochons. 

He explained how he came to amass such a treasure trove :
I have traveled numerous roads to reach my present stage in design life. For over 30 years I have been designing couture and limited editions of costume jewelry using my vast collection of vintage jewelry stones and components to create a classic yet contemporary style of jewelry. 

I started acquiring vast quantities of antique stones that date back as far as the 1900s when I lived in New York City in the early 1980s. I purchased stones of European origin and the heritage from many old renowned American and European jewelry houses.
As he pointed out in this walk through interview at his warehouse, he realized he could not use up all his stock in his lifetime. So back in 2016, he started to sell them on Etsy - DeLuxeVintageStones.  His sister Martine is the one who ships and handles all sales.  Michiel Alexander works behind the scenes as he hopes to expand his shop with perhaps as many as 30 new listings a month. This shop is a must see!

He also has a studio in the Far East and sells finished jewelry on DeluxeVintageJewelry.

I had a very difficult time selecting just a few of my favorites to showcase here - he has so many wonderful items.  Worried about Swarovski not producing rivolis any more?  Well, he has some lovely vintage Swarovski and Czech rivolis to drool over! 

Many of his buys came from jewelry component manufacturers who went out of business decades ago.  I was impressed to learn that these were often hand cut. Some were produced by small family businesses. 
Rare vintage square Swarovski rivolis, c. 1950s

Vintage Glass Astrology Cameos, c. 1950s

The most stunning pieces for me were the two tone glass pieces from the 1950s such as those shown way at the top and here :

German Pinwheel Starburst, vitrail, c. 1960s

Vintage Czech rivolis, c. 1950s

Czech Glass Opal Cabochons, c. 1950s

German glass cabochons with copper, c. 1950s

Vintage German made glass teardrops, c. 1950s

Some of his unique items include Japanese beads and cabochons such as those produced during the Occupation of Japan following WWII. The daisy flower acrylic cabochons shown below were made in Japan in the 1960's.  The yellow parts were been hand painted. 

Japanese acrylic daisy cabochon c. 1960's.

Japanese glass opal cabochons, c. 1950s

Michiel Alexander has a collection of lovely sappharines.  According to this article, saphiret were once made in the Czech Republic but production stopped in the early 20th century. Sappharine stones are made in Germany to mimic old saphiret. Jewelry containing either of them are collectibles today

Sappharine "Saphiret" foiled back chatons, c. 1950s.

German Hand Painted Glass cabochon, c. 1950s

Vintage Swarovski dentelle crystals, c. 1950's

Vintage glass harlequin opals, c. 1930s

Martine getting orders ready

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