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Inspiredwithbuttons' Vintage and Antique Buttons for Jewelry Making and Crafts

Micheline Gravel is truly an avid button collector!  She is a member of the National Button Society, and a member of the Ottawa Valley Button Club in Canada.

Needless to say, her store, inspiredwithbuttons is filled with unusual buttons made from different materials. There are buttons made from brass, mother of pearl shells, glass, wood, lucite, ceramics and with crystals.  It is an Aladdin's cave full of button treasures!

The large one one featured above is a vintage Bakelite one.  Some of her antique buttons date back to the Victorian era. Shown here are my favorites from her vintage and antique collections.

Depending on their size, the buttons can be used as jewelry clasps in bracelets. See links below for some tutorials.  Larger ones can be converted to pendants with some wire work.

Off to a button treasure hunt?

Vintage glass Art Deco buttons

brass buttons

Victorian button 

Vintage colored enamel button

Early 20th century pearl shell buttons

Vintage metalized plastic buttons

Vintage moonglow buttons

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  1. Sigh....

    I still kick myself for selling off a ton of great coat buttons 5 years ago. I had quite a collection and at the time thought I'd never use them. What a dummy!

    1. That is so sad! But on the bright side, you can go shopping again!

  2. Hi: I bought a bag of antique buttons and some of them have 2 copper/bronze tiny tubes soldered on the back for attaching? The other option is that they are a bracelet or necklace buttons? Have you ever heard of buttons like that? Bob

  3. Hmm. Nope, I have never come across that before. Are those soldered tubes attached like shanks?


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