Kazaziye is a Turkish jewelry making technique which dates back thousands of years.  Look carefully at the exquisite workmanship on these beautiful kazaziye jewelry designs from MoyoniJewelry

Fine silver (99.9 % silver) is used in wire braiding and weaving. Strands of silver about the thickness of a human hair are coiled around a fine strand of silk with the aid of some kind of manually operated spinning wheel. The result is a very flexible decorative wire which is then used in making the designs. 

The "kazaz" wire is sometimes heavily oxidized for a dark look which contrasts well with silver ones. The jewelry pieces shown here are often unisex and feature elements such as the Turk's Head Knot and various woven Celtic knot designs. 

The history of this technique is not known but it probably arose in Mesopotamia in about 2800 BC which later made its way to Turkey. Today, kazaziye jewelry is made in the northern Turkish town of Trabzon (Trebizond).

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