Susan of TurtleSoupBeads is an incredibly creative polymer clay designer and instructor.  I came across this clever tutorial of hers which shows how to create prints on polymer clay easily. 

What she uses are readily available and inexpensive nail foil art!

Her tutorial is excellent for many reasons.  She tests various types of glues to see which worked best for the print transfer.  The variety of glues used also helps students who may not be able to get specific brands especially if they live outside the US.

She also demonstrates the Skinner blend method of mixing clay colors. I love her accordion fold trick to bring the blended colors closer together. 

I also like how she uses a gold foil pen to go over the side edges of her finished pieces.  Also good to know is never re-bake polymer clay pieces if you already have a layer of 2 part epoxy resin. The latter should only be used as the final finishing step.

Susan supports her Youtube channel - she needs to buy materials in order to instruct - through sales from her Etsy store,  TurtleSoupBeads . 

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