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Lushly Lovely Beaded Jewelry Tutorials by smykkeunivers

Danish beadwork designer, Elizaveta Soerensen of smykkeunivers has a fantastic talent for color as you can see from her lushly lovely design tutorials. It's fringe work as you have never seen it before! 

Every design has limitless potential for different colorways and details such as small beaded flowers or larger beads such as pearls. You can see her ideas in the additional photos for each tutorial. 

She does offer kits now for people who want all the planning and materials ready at hand to produce their own jewelry.  And there is finished jewelry in her collections, too.

Before You Go:


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  1. These are mind-bogglingly gorgeous!!!

  2. Wow, her colors are so beautiful.

  3. "Lush" is the right word! wow! what a great way to use up those dabs of leftover beads, too. thanks for sharing.

  4. These are a feast to the eye!

  5. Elizaveta is one serious overachiever. I can't imagine the hours that went into that featured bracelet. Absolutely stunning! I love the unevenness of the edges. The piece looks like a colorful garden!


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