This beautiful cuff style beaded bracelet tutorial by Black Pearl (a group of Russian beaders) couldn't be easier as it relies on strung beads to make the bracelet wider.

The two side pieces are first beaded and several rows of strung beads are then added to connect these together. The tutorial is in Russian but you should be able to follow this easy tutorial by rewinding and rewatching the video if necessary.

The instructor used mainly 10/0 beads.  These are harder to find (try CzechBeadsExclusive) but honestly, you could use any size you want.

One of the video commenters, Elizabeth Whiteoak helpfully added, "...just stick with the same size all the way through and it will work. The smaller the bead, the finer the bracelet. Even Delicias and Hex-cuts or 2-cuts work beautifully. But 11/0 is probably the best. I'm halfway through a piece which is a mix of white Preciosa 11/0 and a sprinkling of 24k Gold-lined Clear AB's in 11/0 Delicas throughout, sticking with exactly 2 in every row in the central 'curves' to keep the bead-size change balanced in every row, but any even number of different size beads per row would also work. I hope that helps.. It looks fabulous!"

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