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Watch How This Twisted Link Bracelet Was Made | DynamiSJewelrySD Sterling Silver Bracelets for Men

Don't you just love it when artisans actually show you how they make their designs?  Gives you a whole new appreciation for the skill and work involved. 

DynamiSJewelrySD is the Etsy shop name of an Ukrainian born (and new Canadian) metal work artist. He learned his craft from a professional jeweler and now making jewelry is his hobby and passion. His shop name is derived from the Ancient Greek word which means power, might, strength.  That ties in well with his amazing sterling silver bracelets for men. 

Watch how he created his amazing twisted link bracelet....from scratch.  That means he melted a silver lump in a crucible and then made it into a long thin ingot.  The ingot is then gradually drawn out into a wire diameter he wanted. He anneals the wire with a torch to soften it as the wire gets hard when you work with it. 

I love how he drilled a hole in a 15 mm knitting needle to help him make a wire coil. I teach basic wire coiling using knitting needles too but not with holed needles. 

The jump rings he created are then soldered shut. He elongates each jump ring which are then linked together. The twisting gives the bracelet a gorgeous effect!

If you make chain mail jewelry and some other chain mail worker asks pointedly if you make the rings yourself, you could retort back and ask if he or she melted the ore and drew out the wire like Dynamis does!

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  1. That was absolutely fascinating! Each different step would have given a beautiful product. I really thought at the beginning that it was two twisted strands wrapped around each other. And I was amazed at how pulling it across the ring mandrel softened it up so much! Thanks for showing us this fantastic artist Pearl!

    1. You are so welcome. I love finding amazing designers like Dynamis who can show off not just their designs but their unique technique.

  2. Amazing what a lump of metal can become in the hands of an artist! truly fascinating!
    when someone asks about the price of his pieces he can refer them to the video; worth every penny!

    1. I for one am glad that designers do show off their process as it makes others realize how much goes into handmade jewelry.

  3. Wow...thanks Pearl for sharing that. What a beautiful chain. The process was just fascinating.


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