Granulation is an ancient metalsmith technique which dates back thousands of years.  Little balls of precious metal were created to adorn jewelry designs. 

Designer, New Jersey based Janine Krantz of JanineKrantz, has put a modern day spin on this very old decorative technique. She makes all those little sterling silver balls which are combined in textured frames. It is such a unique look, I am not surprised the approach has become her signature style. 

Her organic designs look just as good with or without her carefully chosen gemstones. 

I asked Janine how she melds together those little metallic spheres. She explained :

I use a combination of fusing and hard soldering to do it. Each piece needs something different and each one comes out unique from the others I have made. I do dabble a little with traditional arrangements of granules but for me I like the chaos of how they almost randomly get together. Although it is always a contained chaos because what I most enjoy is the negative space aspect of what I do. They have to stay within the framework I have created for them, how they fill it is the fun part!

Granulation takes skill and experience.  You can well appreciate Janine's talent when you watch this Online Jewelry Academy video on granulation techniques used on silver

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