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How to Make Beach Wave Resin Art

It's summertime! I am sure many of you are enjoying the beach.  Here is an idea to tempt you towards resin work and make beach wave resin art!

Australian crafter, Sue Findlay, is a resin artist who shares many of her how-tos on her Youtube channel. Her tutorial demonstrates the basic principles of the technique. 

First she adds some real sand and resin mix to one side of her round board. She then follows that with long dribbles of colored resin in blue and jade to mimic ocean colors.  She works continuously before the resin cures.

One important trick is how she adds clear resin before adding the white resin dribbles. This ensures the white does not accidentally mix in with the blue and green.  

She recommends a certain kind of white resin paste which creates cells.  The links to her materials are in the Youtube description. 

Other artists have been able to do smaller objects like coasters, jewelry dishes or on wooden trays. Jewelry is more challenging being a lot smaller but some designers have attempted it


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  1. So beautiful...

    As you know, I've getting into resin (here I go down the rabbit hole again, ha ha). Pearl, I think you happily enable our obsessions.

    1. That's because I get myself into rabbit holes too! So nice to have company there! Haha!

  2. I've tried the beachy look for jewelry and found that the white settles back to the original strip and doesn't stay whispy, even when i let the resin thicken a lot.(I blew with a straw which almost made me pass out!) I will try the heat gun and the clear before white technique. It's hard to accomplish on tiny pieces!

    thanks for sharing, I learned something new!

    1. Yes, making smaller scale designs is always challenging. It's easier to start with larger projects in order to learn.

  3. Hello lovely deciding on where can I purchase colours

    1. You can use acrylic paints which are available from art stores and places like Michaels.


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