Want to make something other than beaded jewelry?  What about beaded doilies?  Check out French Canadian Danielle Derail's intricate beaded doily patterns in her shop, dadanyperles

She has many of them including some seasonal ones like snowflakes and stars. The repeating motifs are often nature inspired like flowers and butterflies or geometric. Whatever, there are myriad color combinations you can use for any of her designs. 

Danielle calls it Danish weaving but I am not familiar with that term.  Whatever the origin, beaded doilies are popular in Europe. 

Basically, you bead in the round as illustrated in her blog post here.  She also explains the symbols used.  (You will encounter an overlay message in French from the blogging service asking if you would like to subscribe or accept cookies and read for free. Choose the option on the right for the free version). 

Danielle, who speaks mainly French, is an artist. She likes doilies and beads and so combined the two. She says she first draws and colors a design.  Then after beadweaving it, she creates a pattern if the design pleases her artistic eye. As you can see from her many patterns, she is very creative!

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