Artists typically paint with brushes but Miriam Quagliato of TheGypsyPhoenix paints with flame! She paints her hand cut copper pieces with controlled torch precision.  

Wonder how she does it? Watch Miriam paint her copper hummingbird with her torch. She gives an excellent explanation on how she uses the flame to get about 14 different colors for her palette!  Her torch is adjustable which means she can control the width of the flame as well as the length of time the flame sits close to the metal. She makes it look so easy but it takes a lot of skill and experience to do what she does.

The metal is heated in a progressive manner to get the colors the artist wants. She cools the metal in between layers with an electric fan.  Miriam explains why she does not dip the copper into water for cooling. 

Miriam says :

I love playing with design and color, but my obsession is drawing pictures with the flame. When I draw with the torch it is like a game of Mother May I with the flame. I ask the flame to give me what I want and it tells me what it is willing to give. I ask again and maybe, just maybe, it gives a little more. We give and take until I am satisfied with the impression.
I must say the resulting impressions are stunning! The fighting dragon and phoenix wall art is outstanding. 

Shown here are my favorites from mostly her Etsy. See more of her creations on Instagram and Facebook.  


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