I broke out in a smile when I first stumbled upon Californian Jenni Shea's perfectly named store, CharmedbyWhimsy.  Her delightful polymer clay creations were especially designed for all occasions and seasons. 

My favorites from her collections have to be the gnomes although she does created other types of whimsy.  This artist and designer has a flair for color and attention to detail. The pair of garden gnomes below are equipped with tiny trowels!   

Jenni explained :

I have been sculpting tiny creations since I was a child. Today, I still I love to create cute, fun, youthful designs to get into the spirit of the holidays. The fun is creating something for anyone who is a kid at heart. You are never too old to go “all out” to celebrate your favorite holiday, right?
Right!  There is something for everyone.  The cute blue truck earrings carry pumpkins for Halloween.  The little bee gnome raises awareness for bee population decline. And the back to school gnomes are perfect for both students and teachers. 

Watch this fun video from the Family Plot Channel about the History of Garden Gnomes. 

They explained :

Most cultures worldwide have a mythical creature similar to the gnome. They are earth people that are associated with soil and plants. Legend holds it that if a gnome comes above ground in the light of day it will turn to stone. The first garden gnomes were made of terracotta in Germany in the 1800s. A few of them were brought to England and English craftsman started copying the idea. Today garden gnomes are very popular and are said take care of your garden at night. There are also faux-political movements based around gnome rights.

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