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Whimsical Polymer Clay Jewelry Buttons and Beadsby Chifonie and Chifonie Studio

Polymer clay artists are indeed that - artists!  They "paint" with colorful clay.  One such designer I stumbled upon recently is Grenoble, France based Chifonie. Her whimsical polymer clay jewelry, buttons and pins are delightful.

She has two stores - Chifonie is where you see her playful and colorful brooches, earrings and bracelets.  ChifonieStudio concentrates on buttons, decorative pins and beads created in her inimitable style!

My favorites are her cats and tiny row houses.  Yours?

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  1. Omg her pieces are all adorable! This is a deep dive must into her stores! Thanks for the share Pearl.

  2. The cats are killers! What a great idea to make them buttons!

  3. these are very clever, and detailed. I love the cats too.


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