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Whimsical Animal Wire Work Jewelry by Chatnoir77

I am very fond of whimsical jewelry but my simple efforts at creating cat and people earrings are with bead covered wire. So when I came across fellow Canadian's shop chatnoir77 on Etsy, I was instantly charmed.

Her flair for fun animal jewelry and bookmarks is both remarkable and delightful to behold. Be sure to check out her store for other whimsical designs like the mermaid, golfing lady and skiers.

She describes the design process :  "These were made by drawing them first and then , with a LOT of practice, making them with wire". Her style of wire work reminds me of wire name writing (see past post).

It's clear from her many cat and ocean inspired designs that she likes both! Although being a savvy artisan, she also caters to dog lovers.

Her artistic and creative capabilities are definitely an asset as making jewelry is her living. Her designs are sold at craft shows and markets all year round.

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  1. Love these...I made some wire animals long time back...will post them on my blog sometime...

  2. These are just adorable!! They are also hard to make!!! I made some dragonflies once!!
    Thanks again.

  3. Those are just precious! It takes a lot of talent to be able to manipulate wire like that. I can see how she's able to make a living off her art. :)

    Speaking of animal wire work jewelry, I saw and totally fell in love with this piece by Ruth Jensen.

    Isn't it amazing? My jaw dropped all the way to the floor.

  4. Very talented indeed. It takes more than just an ability to manipulate wire to create such wonderful designs it also takes an artist ! I'm definitely checking out her shop.

  5. Just love them especially that bookmark.

  6. Anyone with fur kids is bound to love these designs!

  7. I do! I do! And I KNOW I could never get wire to do that!

  8. These are really, really adorable! I can visualize even more animals.


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