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Whimsical Resin Art Jewelry by bijouxlafeecameleon

I don't know about you but these days, smiles are in short supply.  So check out French designer, Angelique Ledain's delightfully humorous art resin jewelry on bijouxlafeecameleon

"La fée Caméléon" means the chameleon fairy and that just about sums up Angelique's work - ever changing whimsy to enchant us all. 

Some of her designs are inspired by the fantasy worlds of Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. Others are inspired by occupations and hobbies like sewing and home renovation - there is one for the handy woman complete with pink drill!

Just what the world needs now!

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  1. "Whimsical" is normally not a style that appeals to me but some of those are really cute and clever.

  2. I had to check out her store and it brought a huge smile to my face. Exactly what I needed!!

  3. I love whimsy! these are pretty cute! there are some i didn't understand or think might not go well in the US but they're adorable!

  4. All of these made me smile but the cats are hilarious!

  5. I'm also a lover of whimsy and these are some of the best representations I've ever seen! Simply precious, every last one of them.


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