Lamp work artists are able to sculpt in glass, something which requires great skill.  I find it difficult enough to handle treacle or molasses let alone something very hot like molten glass.

 One who has a unique style for whimsical animal art lamp work beads is Laney Mead of Izzy Beads.

This British designer is clearly an animal lover as many of her unique focal beads feature creatures of all kinds. Dogs are her special favorite as there are many canine beads! She also has a wonderful sense of humor which translates into her work.

 Laney explained, "Each one of my beads is designed for smiles. My love of animals and fairy stories is evident in my beads, each character inspired by a song on the radio, a story I have heard told to me, my dogs Izabel and Defi, my beautiful boy Gordy, my little special needs cat and just recently Tekko an old man Birman cat who has come to live with us as his owners are moving abroad: not forgetting all those feathers and furry four paws that have lived with me over the years. They all feature in my beads."

Laney also has a few glass bead tutorials in her shop - the badger and bumble bee ones are adorable (shown at the end below)!

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