Crafting addicts will love this idea because it makes use of tools they already have - namely, stamps! These two tutorials show how to utilize them in different ways to make resin charms. The charms can be used as earring dangles or as keychains. 

The examples here are rather kawaii (Japanese for cute) but you can always choose different stamps to suit your own tastes.

First up is Susy's tutorial which uses rubber stamps. She is the crafter behind the suitably named MyCraftingAddiction.

She uses non-stick PAM spray which is normally used on frying pans to make sure the resin peels off.  She builds up her design in two main layers. The first layer is made up of colored resin in each of the "cells" - this is actually the front of the piece. The second dark resin layer is applied 2-3 hours later - this is the back. 

The whole thing is removed after 6-8 hours which is much shorter than the typical time with silicone molds. This is because the rubber stamps are not as flexible as silicone molds so it is best to remove the whole resin piece while it is soft itself but will not leave any fingerprints!

The second way is to use clear stamps.  See Lorene's Creative Corner's tutorial on how she does it.  She uses the stamps to get black outlines on cardstock. She then fills in with colored markers. I like how she uses thin aluminum die cutters to cut out the shapes. Notice that she coats the colored pieces with Mod Podge. This seals the paper otherwise the resin will alter it.  See Lorene's video info section to see her supply list.

The charm she makes is double sided.  She uses colored UV resin to edge the sides and to finish the charm and thus makes it durable. I recommend you make sure you have good ventilation with UV resin.

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