The infinity symbol is a popular one for jewelry making. What a good way to signify forever! I've seen a number of designs over the years. However, this tutorial for a leather infinity loop is easy and yet versatile. 

The instructor is Jessica Barst of JewelryHQ. Her Youtube channel has a number of easy tutorials. 

Be sure to watch to the end where she shares some design ideas for earrings, necklaces and my personal favorite as a button and loop clasp. 

She recommends G S Hypo Cement glue for this application. It is a good glue with a very useful fine tip nozzle. So it is easier to add the glue where you need too. The other options are Super New Glue or a similar type, Starbond Medium (15% discount code BGSB15) - they are very liquid as opposed to the more gel like Hypo Cement.  The liquid glue will easily seep into the spaces of the knot. 

My friend Sonya of rocpoet shared this tip with me. She uses Hypo Cement glue a lot. She has a damp sponge always on the ready to wipe the nozzle clean during use. As you can see from Jessica's video, the glue oozes out even when you are not squeezing the tube.  

H/T to Aims of BigBlueBarnDesigns for this find.

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