One of my favorite things to eat when I lived in England was British baked goods.  They were delicious and I miss them now that I live in Canada.  Baked goods - homemade or store bought - just doesn't taste the same here.  This is probably due to the higher gluten content of North American flour which is also bleached. British bakers usually use self-raising flour which yields lighter creations. 

So when I stumbled upon Argentinian born, but now UK based, Maive Ferrando's delicious miniature food polymer clay jewelry, the faux cakes in particular,  those cravings returned!  She is very talented at making polymer clay look so like the real thing.

Maive's Victoria Sponge Cake polymer clay earrings remind me of the cakes I used to buy from Marks & Spencers!

Her rainbow cake earrings also brings back fond culinary memories. 

Maive's said her polymer clay story began...
... in 2011, when my mother in law handed me my first blocks of FIMO. At the time, I had a growing interest in baking, which translated into almost an obsession for making miniature cakes and cake-themed jewelry.

Maive is also the author of Miniature Cake Creations if you want to learn how to make your own delicious looking polymer clay cakes.

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