When you think of wedding dresses, lace comes to mind.  So how lovely is it to see lace featured in jewelry - especially engagement and wedding rings?

Georgia, USA based Yelena of PreciousLaceJewelry specializes in beautiful lace pattern designs.  She works with precious metals such as gold and silver. She also incorporates gemstones in many of her pieces.

I particularly love her paired designs for both the bride and bridegroom. But she also creates bands which need not be associated with weddings.

Yelena explains her expertise :
I am a jewelry designer specializing in computer aided design and 3D modeling. I also enjoy creating handmade jewelry using wax modeling and metalsmithing techniques.
As she is skilled in 3D printing which produces the wax model prototypes for her castings, she also offers custom designs based on the lace of a bride's wedding dress. How cool is that?

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