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Watch this Artist Make Colored Sand and Resin Cloisonne Style Art on Wood

Mint Craft is a Hong Kong based crafter who shows us how you can make cloisonne style art with resin, colored sand and metal strips.  Traditional cloisonne is a hot technique where the vitreous enamel has to be melted within the metal cells.

Her way is no less difficult as you can see from her video. She has to carefully glue and cut the cloisonne wire following her design lines. 

She also has a second design where she leaves the sandy texture of the resin- mix exposed. 

Did you know you can buy cloisonne wire for cloisonne painting? It would be challenging to make cloisonne style art with resin for smaller pieces like jewelry.  You could certainly use the cloisonne wire to make a frame with perhaps some  wire elements inside that frame.  

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  1. I'm impressed. I visited a cloisonne factory in Japan and was equally impressed at the fine detailed work. Resin makes a lot of sense. At the factory they had to build up layers of enamel with a small brush which required a lot more time and energy and then they had to fire it. Most of what I have are in shades of brown/gold which seemed to be the enamel choice of the day, but since then I have been able to get some in brighter colors. Her technique was no less precise, but what a time savings.

    What glue did she use to hold the wire in place, and what did she use for the colors? Not that I need anything else to do but I could be tempted to learn.

    Thanks again for bringing another interesting technique to the public.

    1. I too have some Beijing cloisonné which my mother gave me.

      The artist could be using cloisonné glue and pigments. Might be worth a Google to find out more!

  2. This is painstaking work but the result is lovely!


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