Feather elements are popular in jewelry designs. Combine that with upcycled material and that would be trendy indeed. 

Check out this clever tutorial on how to upcycle denim into feathers. The instructor is Tamara Berg over on Instructables.

You can make feathers in any size you want. Making them jewelry sized like for earrings will be a fast project! And you can embellish with beads too!

The spine of the feathers is cotton twine which has been zig zagged into place with a sewing machine. The cool tip is the cutting of the fabric so that the twine will line up with the grain. Then the unravelling of the warp threads is possible. 

Tamara said :
Pulling the warp threads, or blue ones, your resulting feather will be white. Alternatively, pulling the weft threads, or white ones, results in a blue feather.
How would you attach the feathers to earrings?  Well, you could integrate a small loop of twine when sewing the later in.  Or you could set in eyelets.  What would you do to finish it?

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