UK based designer, Svetlana Faulkner of PresentPerfectStudio is known for her amazing floral leather and fabric jewelry and accessories. She trained with experts in both her native Russia and Japan. She now designs markets her own line of these beautiful handcrafted accessories. 

Svetlana offers not just jewelry like necklaces, brooches and corsages but also accessories such as hair combs, shoe clips and more. 

Check out her tutorials and kits section where she teaches on her hand dyed creations are made.  Note some, but not all, of the designs will require specialty millinery tools. 

Svetlana says :
Fabric and leather flowers are my passion. One flower can take from 4 to 15 hours of patient, hard work and the result is so rewarding! Every detail of each flower is carefully cut out of a piece of silk fabric and hand painted with silk colours to be then shaped using special hot tools, which in fact trace back to Medieval Europe! Nowadays the flowers made using this method are called French silk flowers or European silk flowers.

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