I've made faux metal beads using 2 part epoxy resin clay with decorative metal elements before - see the tutorial here.  Once combined, the resulting resin clay is sticky which then lets you stick things to it.  The beads I made were made up of resin clay which does make them on the heavy side.  The advantage of resin clay is the no bake part!

Becky of Nunn Design has a wonderful tutorial which takes advantage of the adhesive property of resin clay but with none of the weight.

Her clever tassel tutorial uses a temporary paper bead form. You can easily make your own using tissue or toilet paper. Cut the paper into smaller bits, wet them and then form them into bead shapes. 

The resin clay is then wrapped around the form and decorated with ball and rhinestone chains.  The paper form is removed once the clay has hardened. You may have to wet the paper form repeatedly to help you take it out.

Please note Nunn Design is a wholesaler so if you prefer to get smaller quantities, check out these other vendors such as LindenAvenueDesigns

You can buy small quantities of Crystal Clay like this one in black. Crystal Clay is a type of resin clay.  If you plan to use more resin clay, then I recommend Apoxie Clay which comes in larger quantities.  Just like the liquid epoxy resin, you can color the white kind with alcohol inks. 

H/T Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find. 

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