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Beautiful Beadwork and Bead Crochet Rope Patterns and Tutorials by ChristaBeads | Awesome Beaded Sugar Skull Jewelry

I stumbled upon Ukrainian bead artist, Christina Drobnitskaya's work when I spotted her awesome beaded sugar skull designs.  Her shop, ChristaBeads, offers much more than that.  

There is a range of off-loom peyote bracelet patterns (both odd and even peyote) as well as loom designs. A selection of brick stitch earrings is also available.

Christina clearly loves color and patterns. Her bead crochet rope patterns are worth a browse for those of you who love this advanced beadwork technique. Please see my tool review linked below for an easier start to bead crochet. 

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  1. FYI I ordered her Rose bracelet pattern a few years ago (picture of it is way right at top). The listed pattern colors were NOT at all the colors pictured. I had to find almost ALL new colors for the bracelet. The bracelet is called Flower pattern peyote #1 Roses. I'm not sure what happened but rust colors were suggested etc. No rust at all in that Rose flower!! I let her know she did nothing not even a refund of the pattern..

    1. Lynn - which rose bracelet pattern do you mean (listing)? I did not include any of her rose patterns here.

  2. Here is the link to the bracelet:

  3. No need to pass on the message on to her. I was just letting everyone know I had issues with her. I let her know of the issue & she did nothing not even a refund of the pattern..

    1. The problem is manufacturer bead palettes change with time. She may have missed your email the first time round. I myself miss messages too when things get hectic so it pays to always resend. Christina says to reach out to her again.

    2. PS. Christina does remember you - her child was in hospital and couldn't immediately help you. But she clearly didn't follow up then.


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