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Amazing Fantasy Halo Crowns and Jewelry by CarbickovaCrowns

Anicka and Vlado are a husband and wife team from the Czech Republic. Together they design amazing fantasy halo crowns for CarbickovaCrowns. They cater for people attending festivals, cosplay, parties and yes, even weddings.

Their spectacular designs which include statement necklaces, earrings and "finger claws" are also great props for fantasy art photography.

Their detailed assemblage designs are made from a variety of materials. Spectacular!

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  1. words fail me... I scanned the Etsy store with my mouth hanging open, how fascinating! Reasonably priced and exceptionally detailed items. I would probably injure myself with those finger claws but they sure are lovely.

  2. I'm almost speechless over these designs! Romantic - fantastical - beautiful - so creative!
    I can only imagine what it would feel like to be wearing these accessories at your wedding.

    Looking at these designs I could see Madonna in them but more Lady Gaga. These are right up her alley! I hope she knows about these designers! She does love things that are extraordinary or out of this world!


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