I thought the fantasy and other coins made by Shire Post Mint were simply gorgeous. Then my admiration grew when I discovered their coins are not cast but made with centuries old coin-making techniques. The design is engraved on dies which are then used to stamp coins on both sides, one at a time.

Shire Post Mint, which is also on Etsy, is a family run Springdale, Arkansas workshop started by patriarch, Tom Maringer. He has years of experience making knives.  

Tom is a huge fan of the fantasy genre and has also been a coin collector since childhood. So when he couldn't buy any The Hobbit™coins, he decided to make his own with the help of his first antique coin press. 

Watch this fascinating PBS video on their family business as they recount how Tom got that first press and how his son Woody, became the engraver.  Woody also explains they avoid using modern engraving tools like lasers because they want to achieve that old handmade look. Daughter, Helen who handles sales and marketing, talks about working with authors such as George R.R. Martin for his book series A Song of Ice and Fire™ (Game of Thrones™) for their licensed products.  Definitely a talented and nerdy family! 


Iron Coin : Faceless Man (Game of Thrones™)

The Mistborn™ fantasy epic book series is another inspiration for the Mistborn™ coins shown here : 

Take a peek into how these coins are made. I really enjoyed seeing their blanking machines as well as their antique and vintage coin presses in action! You can also read about their process here

This is Mad Sweeney's lucky coin, inspired by the TV show, American Gods™, which itself is based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name. 

They also produce non-fantasy coins like this one!  We can all relate to the dumpster fire that was 2020.

Their detailed moon coins are simply gorgeous.  This one is struck from solid fine silver. The patina for their moon coins is applied by hand so every coin is unique. 

My favorites are their decision making coins - a much more fun version of heads and tails.  The one more chapter or go to bed coin is so appropriate for book worms like me! There is also a one more episode coin for the Netflix bingers.

To pet the cat - or not to pat the cat?

Check out their Instagram for more on their work. 

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