Vietnamese wire artist, Lan Anh Handmade is full of ideas.  I rather like this wavy wire and rondelle bracelet tutorial of hers for a number of reasons. 

The use of glass rondelle beads add color to the bracelet but at the same time, it is a clever way to help space out and keep the wires in a pleasing wavy pattern.

Also clever is the way she uses a familiar wire ring technique to bind the wire bundles with a delicate spiral. 

It's also versatile as you can custom the look to suit. For example, you may only want two large elements as the focal, keeping the rest of the bracelet with smaller patterns. 

If her working dimensions seem to be suitable for you, I suggest you make a bracelet up exactly as the instructor demonstrates. That way you can then then make an informed decision on the sort of alterations you need to make. 

Copper is an inexpensive wire to practice on. If the bracelet looks good and fits, try adding a patina for a vintage look.  See this past tutorial on how to add and protect patina using gun blue. 

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