I've accidentally flattened a wire coil before  - used a thinner gauge than I should have.  I called it a mistake and moved on!  But Vietnamese wire artist, Lan Anh Handmade, actually uses that feature for her nifty unisex coiled wire bracelet tutorial. It has the look of chain mail but has no interlocking jump rings.

She puts the wire coil over her bracelet wire foundation, then uses a rolling pin to flatten the coil!

Just one word of caution.  She carefully coils the wire on the middle section of double pointed knitting needles.  If you use the same tool, make sure you stay in the middle and not coil on the tapered ends.  

I prefer to use a regular knitting needle - I actually teach a basic wire coiling class (pre-Covid) where at the beginning, my students use knitting needles to hand coil.  The end stub of the knitting needle serves a handy stop as you can see from my picture :

You can also use other coiling tools like the Coiling Gizmo. More experienced wire workers can speed up the process with a mandrel attached to a variable speed drill.  I wrap some masking tape over the end of a knitting needle and insert that into the drill. 

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