Look carefully at this wire bracelet design by Lily-Tree.  Notice there seems to be another finer and coil of twisted wire in between the main coil.  This is easy to accomplish as what this British designer does is to coil two wires together.

The main wire is 18 G.  The second wire comprised of 3 twisted strands of 26 G wire. Note the Coiling Gizmo is available with either 3 or 5 rods.  I would pick the 5 rod one to give you more options of coil sizes.

I like to use a drill for twisting wire which saves having to buy a tool for this. To get a longer length of twisted wire, half a long length of wire. Secure the loop around a door knob. Put the wire ends into the drill chuck and twist away.

She wanted a dark inner contrast so she added patina with liver of sulfur to the finer wire strands before twisting. Alternatively, consider the patina step only at the end. Remember to use #0000 steel wool to clean off the top surface.  This will give a darker bracelet over all than that shown in the tutorial.

She used 2 strands of 18 G to form the inner core. Alternatively, if you can manage it, you could use just 1 strand of 16 G wire for this step. The problem is finding beads and bead caps with holes large enough to take 16 G wire.

I totally agree with her - this is a great unisex design!

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