3D printing as a technique has been around for some years. Arguably, the most common is the additive process where layers of PLA plastic are slowly added to form a structure according to a 3D design created with the right kind of computer program. 

Crafters now make 3D printed jewelry. Metalsmiths use 3D printed forms to jump start their metal work. Jewelry designers also use the technique to make tools such as the wire crochet tools by Yoola

Guess what? Polymer clay artisans have also started to use 3D printing to make custom plastic cutters. Anna, a Canadian polymer clay artist, has some outstanding clay cutters on her Etsy, TiniCraftsCo

Many of her cutters are also stampers as you can see from my favorite picks. I love how you can get the integrated lines simultaneously with one cutter! 

What makes her collection a standout is the contemporary style. Clean lines with potential for individuality.  Her two texture plates are simple lined designs.

Anna also has adorable Christmas themed stud cutters which shows you that small is easily doable with 3D printing!

She explains :

All cutters are 3D printed from high quality PLA plastic, which is also food-safe and biodegradable. The cutters are sturdy and have sharp edges. As a maker,  I understand how critical it is to have sharp edges so you don’t need to spend long time sanding the sides of your creations. The cutting edge of all cutters is approximately 0.2-0.3 mm.
Her store is well worth the browse!

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