You don't always need to buy polymer clay tools. Although you could if you have a bottomless wallet! Sometimes, certain tools just don't exist or you need a more custom one. Or you just want to make a task quicker. Whatever the reason, consider making your own tools. Here are some great ideas and instructions.

 First up is the multi-blade ribbon strip cutter tutorial by Cakes.KeyArtStudio. This tool was indeed created for cake decorations. But hey, fondant and polymer clay are similar enough to work with except one is edible and the other is not!

I like the idea of using PEX drinking pipe (the white tubing you see) as spacers. It is easy to cut into pieces which means you can customize the width of the strips.

The Pottery Blog has an easy tutorial for making a texture roller. One of the many creative uses of  hot glue guns!

Slicing polymer clay thinly is tricky.  I shared this tutorial before. And here it is again. Jane Cox's miter box tutorial as demonstrated by the Unruly Housewife.

Potato peelers will also work as you can see from this tutorial over on KreativFimotic. It is not in English but you really don't need to translate the blog post as pictures are worth a thousand words! The trick is to keep the blade level.

This style of potato peeler works best.

Consider this cabbage peeler if you want something wider.

Also check Ginger Davis Allman's post for more free polymer clay tools from around the house.

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