I can't believe last week just flew by and it's time to announce the winners of Ecuadorian Hands' Palo Santo Bracelets Giveaway

I did make an error which Fabrizio of Ecuadorian Hands pointed out. I got my species mixed up and had to edit the original post as follows :

"There are actually two species - Bulnesia sarmientoi which is endangered due to illegal logging. Ecuadorian Hands works with Bursera graveolens which is not endangered. Their reforestation efforts of Bursera graveolens will ensure their long term survival and not fall to the same fate as the other species."

Thanks to the readers who mentioned how much they appreciated plant a tree programs like that of Ecuadorian Hands!

Aims was so kind to enquire if the coast of Ecuador was affected by the Tonga volcanic eruption. The answer is no for the main country but sea level disturbances did occur in the Galapagos Islands which are part of Ecuador and are about 605 miles to the west. 

I do hope many of you were able to explore Ecuadorian Hands as did reader So Many Questions. She was suitably impressed and said : 
I went to the website of Ecuadorian Hands and spent a good part of the day reading about this company and all their environmental work that ties into their business. What an educational day it was being on their website. 

I learned about the tagua nut beads and how they have used the tagua net to make a plant based ivory bead. I also spent a good amount of time reading and certainly increasing my knowledge about the Palo Santo wood beads, aka prayer beads! 

I have bookmarked their site and I already have plans to purchase some of the tagua nut beads and the prayer beads for some jewelry pieces I have designed and plan to make. Once I have made these pieces I have designed, when I send them the individuals I have made them for I will send with the jewelry a pamphlet that explains the origin of these beads and a link to this company's website so those individuals will be able to also learn about how this company maintains an environmentally conscious and sustainable business! 

Needless to say I am overwhelmingly impressed with Ecuadorian Hands!
So who won? This is a very rare, if not, the only giveaway in all the years I have hosting such things, where EVERYONE won!  

There is a caveat though - only those located in the US are eligible!

I will email every winner IF I know your emails. If you did comment but have not heard from me, please email me : pearl@beadinggem.com. That includes you, So Many Questions - I do not have your email.

Enjoy your bracelets when they arrive. I hope you will make some for yourself in the future. 


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