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Lovely Beadwork Jewelry Tutorials by nataliasavastanoart

I was looking for beaded heart tutorials when I stumbled about Italian designer, Natalia's lovely design shown above.  That led me to the rest of her shop, nataliasavastanoart which is filled with a lovely collection of tutorials. 

I particularly love her sunflower pendant tutorial which is the best I have come across in beadwork so far. Also notable are her crosses and her beaded earrings with scatterings of seed beads on the inside.

Natali comes from Salerno, a city with a long history, just south of Naples.  Salerno is a port city on the famed Almafi coast (UNESCO World Heritage Site). She loves this area - the colors and scents are an inspiration for this designer.

Amalfi Coastline : View from Salerno Picture credit : Gilbert Bochenek

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  1. She does have beautiful designs! I'm jealous of her location, I'd never be able to tear my eyes away from the scenery! LOL That's one of the most unique heart tutorials around, love it.

    1. thank you so much! Glad you like my designs! I am so lucky to live in such a wonderful place! <3

  2. Natalia's work is beautiful! I'm not a bead person as you know but when I look at her work it makes me ache a little inside it's so pretty. I'd wear it in a heartbeat!

  3. Natalia's work is stunning. The Amalfi coast is beautiful, also; however, my memory is tainted by the heavy traffic, crazy drivers, and very narrow roads. LOL

    1. ahahah you're absolutely right! Anyway thank you so much for your kind words :D

  4. All beautiful designs. But like you, the sunflower is my favorite.


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